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Your first time with one of London’s independent escorts

So, you have been lurking for a while. Day-dreaming, night-dreaming, going through all the photos of your favourite independent escort. Maybe it's the new year, a promise to live life more fully, give yourself what you deserve, a desire to connect deeply and passionately with someone like-minded, an urge to escape the hum-drum of life. Whatever it is, you have come to the point where you have decided to seize the day (or night!) and finally make your move on the escort of your dreams. You might have seen an agency escort before or had an erotic massage, or maybe you are a complete novice when it comes to booking any sort of erotic companion. But you sense that seeing an independent escort is a little different and you are naturally nervous. Fret not, here is a little guide for getting in touch, booking and meeting up with one of London’s elite independent escorts:

  1. Read the information on our website: Make sure you have acquainted yourself with not just the photos but with the words on the website (I know, I know, it can be hard with so much beautiful content!). Most of us independent escorts have put a lot of energy into expressing our personalities through our writing, detailing what we like and dislike, what we require for dates (screening info, a couple of suggested dates). 

  1. Introducing yourself: Write a little bit of info about yourself, for example, what you work with, how old you are, what you like in and outside of the bedroom. We have already introduced ourselves, so it only seems fair right? Give us a couple of suggested dates and/or an idea of what kind of days and times are good for you. We don’t need anything too lengthy, maybe a paragraph or so, save the in-depth story for when we meet :) I’m sure I dont have to say this since you are reading this, but be polite and respectful and aware of our limited time. Most of us have busy schedules with being an independent companion as a secret little life on the side of an already busy life, so keep it short and sweet.

  2. Rates: A lot of London’s elite independent escorts don’t have rates on our sites, instead we offer bespoke rates, individually catered to the kind of experience  you are interested in. If the rates aren’t what you had imagined, then please don’t try to haggle or say anything about it- it’s not a good look! Just respectfully let us know that it is not in line with your budget. 

  3. Deposits and cancellation fees: As already mentioned, we all have very busy schedules and we only see an exclusive number of lovers a month. I don’t see being an independent companion as a job in the traditional sense, but the money exchange allows me to live a life where I can dedicate myself first and foremost to the kind of deep connection that is life-altering. So, naturally, I plan my time and my schedule for seeing lovers carefully- I don’t just exchange one lover for another or keep a packed schedule.  A deposit is therefore essential for booking a date, and also why I need to charge a cancellation fee in case you need to cancel without enough notice. 

  4. Date day: Finally, it’s time to meet up! Whether we are meeting at mine, in a bar/restaurant or at yours, make sure you provide the donation amount in an envelope (or in a book if we are meeting out, for the purposes of discretion)- within the first five minutes or so. If its your first time and you are nervous, then I would suggest doing it immediately so that it’s out of the way and that you don’t forget it. It’s awkward to have to ask for it and it's just good to have anything like that out of the way, so that we can just focus on what we’re there for: getting to know and enjoying each other. It might be good for you to know that most independent escorts will ask you to have a shower at ours before we get more intimate as well. Now, try to just let go, be in the experience, enjoy getting to know me and yourself! You deserve it.

  5. Some more notes, If you are hosting: for the love of God and all lovers of sensuality- do not let that absolute terrorist called overhead lighting into our date! Mood lighting, please. Just one or two smaller lamps on (if they are very bright, see if you can put a scarf over it to create some ambiance,, maybe light some candles (a scented one is even better!). And figure out the hotel room sound system before I arrive, so that we don’t have to spend any of our valuable time together fiddling about with such worldly concerns. I have several prepared playlists that I am happy to put on, or you can pick your favourite sexy music (if this is Meatloaf for you then… maybe let me choose!). It’s always nice to have a little drink together when I arrive, so its a good idea to have something prepared. 


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