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The Swedish Sin 

Well hi and welcome,


I think you’ve heard about me. Some version of the Swedish sin exists in the minds of most men: an astonishingly beautiful blonde with a liberated mind and a penchant for the kind of carefree fun that makes you forget about the outside world.  


Myths can often play with truth a little, but as a blonde, highly educated and free-spirited independent escort with London as my playground, I actually couldn’t think of a better description for myself! Maybe President Eisenhower was right to warn the American people of my sinful birth country after all.


I’m a woman of contrasts: I grew up in the Swedish countryside, enjoying the light of the meadows and the midnight sun. And of course, skinny-dipping in lakes! This quite innocent side of my upbringing has given me a playful warmth to my personality and an ease of letting go. I love enjoying the simple things in life: sun on bare skin, a glass of wine with a lover. 


Just like Sweden also has its dark forests and winters, I have a more daring side with a yearning for decadent adventures. I’ve always had a curious mind and since I’m half British, I ended up studying at one of London’s top universities. I was very successful, but I always knew the 9-5 wasn’t quite for me. I’m a romantic- I crave intimacy and I want a life dedicated to connection, pleasure and thrills. 


So I feel that it was equal measure luck and fate that led me to become an independent companion. Of course, I love fine dining, enjoying the sights of London and travelling. But most importantly, this life allows me to meet mature, self-assured men who appreciate my full womanhood and can fulfil my appetite for intimate trysts. I love creating an oasis from everyday life- whether it's a kinky encounter or a romantic evening where we get lost in flirty conversation.

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Romance, erotics & kink

I am infinitely interested in connection and am an attentive listener. I love sharing life experiences, talking about the mysteries and pleasures of living over a good Amarone. I’m also intelligent- I read extensively- and adore discussing film, art, music and all the finer things in life. Flirting is my particular art form- nothing beats the chemistry between a man and a woman who both know they’ll be sharing a bed at the end of the night. That tension is a true aphrodisiac.

When it comes to lust, I live for pushing the bounds of eroticism and sexual morality. Erotics for me is a force, an energy, and a desire. It’s about arousing connection, intimacy and delving into your true self. Sex is not just physical- it’s an adventure of the mind.


I'm curious about the ways that carnal intimacy transforms our inner being, just like good art does. I see kink and erotics, dominance and submission, as creative human expressions- a yearning to experience life at its fullest. It is an on-going journey of self-discovery and devotion; my lust for this is insatiable


You have found me, so I sense that you are the same. You’re longing to explore those innate urges of yours, whatever direction they may take you. So, give in. You deserve it. We will carve out moments to remember, forever


Each meeting will be uniquely forged out of our individual dynamic and chemistry- I’m excited to see what side of me you will bring out. I am creative and so is my erotic imagination- let’s explore each other’s inner worlds.


Are you ready to commit sins with me?

Nova xxx

London// Worldwide

Confess Your Sin


Time is Precious

What makes life worth living? In the past year maybe you, like I, have really come to realise how important connection is.


Relationships, feeling the chemistry building between two people in a room- flirting and discussing art, food, life experiences. Sharing a view, a meal,  glances across a table, laughing together. Hands tracing curves, giggles of enjoyment, sex that makes you forget the world outside. Intimacy and touch.

Memories have no price, it is all we have at the end of the day and I for one think we deserve only the best, don't you? 


A Walk on the Dark Side

Kink is something I have been fascinated with for a long time. I love anything that breathes transgression and taboo and that allows me to explore different sides of myself. I am a switch and willing submissive- I love to please and feel owned. I am especially keen to show you how well I can take your spankings- I was always the good girl at school and this is the ultimate way for me to fully live out this role. 

However, kink comprises so much more than just submission and domination- there are a myriad of roleplay, toys, fantasies and sensations to explore in this shadowland of archetypes, myths and imagination. Lets build a world together and delve deep inside it. 

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Give Yourself Over

I am experienced and confident as a dominant girlfriend, very eager for our desires to meet, to take over your mind and body.

My domination style is very much based on my strong sex drive, natural femininity and womanhood- the essence of female domination. I enjoy making you shiver with the use of my voice, whispering instructions in your ear, pushing and teasing you, a firm and intimidating, but loving, hand letting you know when you're not satisfying me. Props and tools are a lot of fun, but as a sensual mistress it is the psychological game that really turns me on.


Feeling the energy shift when you give yourself to me, when you trust your body to me, when you relinquish your control completely. I live for the moment when I can see in your eyes that all you're thinking of is eating me out, worshipping my body, pleasing me.


Thanks for your message, I'll get back to you as soon as I can! Nova xxx

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