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Choosing Connection: why being an independent escort in London is a dream come true

Recently, a favourite lover asked me why I chose this life. ‘Did you always

dream of being one of London’s elite independent escorts?’ he asked, half joking, over a

glass of wine. He knows of my innocent childhood in the Swedish countryside,

and of my academic achievements (I was such a good student!) But the

seeming incongruity of choosing to become an escort needs some unpicking.

Why shouldn’t this be a part of my dreams, and a goal achieved?

I’ve always placed high emphasis on personal connection, believing that

conversation, intimacy and laughter bring more joy than anything else. I have a

deep understanding of interpersonal relationships and I’m able to connect

easily, bringing warmth and excitement to conversation and making every

interaction feel special. It is only because these skills have traditionally been

associated with femininity that they are undervalued. As an escort, I get to

challenge this belief system.

‘But doesn’t it feel less real?’ my lover asked. ‘I wonder if being paid as an

escort impacts our relationship.’

In honesty, this is a question I get a lot as an escort, and it’s understandable.

This career is still taboo.

So here’s what I told him: Every relationship is unique. The depth of our

connection and the quality of sex we enjoy is down to our personal chemistry.

What charging a fee allows me to do is focus on this – focus on you, on us! – in

a way I would never otherwise have space to do.

The same goes for sex. I love to play with a wide range of sexual partners and

have explored kink in my personal life for many years. For sure, being an escort

can have its challenges, but the best of encounters leave both of us feeling

fulfilled. The beauty of being an independent escort in London is that I have the freedom to choose exactly who I want to meet. And living in one of the greatest metropolitan cities in the world means that I have the privilege of meeting some incredible people!

I’ve always known I was destined for an unusual life. I’m greedy for adventure

and I love the unexpected; in this life, as a companion, I have found both. I feel

lucky to have a job which allows for so much play, for luxury (I hate the term

‘high-end escort’ or ‘elite escort’, but I need to acknowledge how spoiled I

often am – thank you!) and for the constant discovery of new human


My lover smiled at me across the table and I knew he understood.


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