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  • Nova Bergman

Submissive GFE

If you’ve known me for a while, you’re probably aware that I’ve historically thrived in the space between contemporary GFE and dominant playmate, but these things are changing as I've discovered that I have a very eager submissive GFE side that needs attention. The last one and a half year period of time has given me space to grow and discover new things (and let's be honest: read and watch a lot of erotica!) and to think about the things I feel passionate about and want to explore more.

It’s come to my attention during this time that I’ve been neglectful of my ability to fully embrace certain parts of my sexuality, something that, as a self confessed nymphomaniac, feels wrong. I always saw my nymphomania as a way to reclaim my feminine power and desire to lead. But now, as I have grown even more confident sexually, I see that power is a force between us, a play between dominance and submission. And that submission takes a whole other level of trust and confidence. To neglect the duality of submission with dominance, and to prevent myself from fully embracing both sides of the coin feels like a tragedy! What better way to express my nymphomania than to say that my body is entirely willing for your pleasure? So with this love letter, this little peek into my most intimate of blogs, I wish to scream into the universe that I’m ready to embrace a more submissive side of my sexuality.

Fantasies of sitting opposite in the most exclusive of restaurants to have whispered over the table demands that I go to the bathroom and remove my panties before I can eat my meal. A lust for a spanking to remedy my latest errant behaviour and a finger in my mouth demanding I show off my skills and how I’ll please you before you let me undress you. The classic symbol of the well dressed man sipping a glass of red wine whilst I kneel in front of you nude or dressed only in black strappy lingerie.

The night progresses from here, a silk blindfold clutched in your hand gives away your upcoming intentions, my sight would be lost intensifying your touch, every spank coming out of nowhere, no tells as to where you will touch me next. Fingers tracing over my body and your kisses planted with intention, the electricity and sexual tension between us increasing by the minute, as anticipation for what is to come washes over our bodies. The inevitability of our raw primal instincts taking over and my true Scandinavian nymphomania being laid bare for you to see and delight in has me clawing at the sheets on the bed, desperate to move onto the main event as you thoroughly torment me with desire. Where we go next, well that’s up to you, Sir.

A feast for both of our senses, touch, taste, smell, and sight, and the light sound of obedience that fills the room. What remains to be seen is what you would have me do? What would you want an obedient nymphomaniac who’s desperate to please do for you?

Spending over a year locked up inside, hiding away from my most base desires and trying to not be overcome by my sexual desires has turned my already high sex lust into overdrive. The complete frustration that washed over me during lockdown after lockdown and social distancing rules has truly flipped my life upside down, but I’m so excited to fully embrace and explore my newfound desires for submission and sexual arousal, and to truly lean into my nymphomaniac tendencies. I’m fully loving dabbling back at the joys and experiences London has to offer me, and I can’t wait to fully throw myself into them.

Are you going to be someone to help me explore this new side of myself?

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