Virtual Erotics

A new world requires new ideas and ways of connecting. Some of you might have to be extra careful right now because of your loved ones or your own health. But we still have needs! While this summer has definitely had some challenges, its also given me a lot of novel experiences online that have expanded my erotic imagination tremendously. I'd love to explore this more. Here are some ideas for different ways of connecting, but feel free to suggest something and we can concoct our own little digital fantasy. 


Virtually Irresistible


We start flirting by text. It leads to a phone call, where I lure you into my world with the sound of my voice, deep erotic. The kind of passionate connection that’s hard to stop thinking about..



 Lovers through a Screen

(only available for lovers I’m already connected with)


Slowly building things up, I send you some hot pictures, we explore each other’s kinks and hot spots by text and then we have a video call, where we can watch each other as we both get more turned on and finally dissolve into the realm of the erotic



Digital Debauchery

(Only for lovers I'm already connected with)

Starting an email exchange and NSFW pics where we talk about what we want to do, then an online date with titillating exclusive lingerie/NSWF texting and then finally a longer video call chat, perhaps with a cocktail and some naughty fun on screen. I'm rather excited to see how far we can push the idea of an online date...

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