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  • Nova Bergman

So you’re curious about sensual domination…

Finally, you’ve mustered up the courage to arrange a meeting with me. You’re here now, sitting on the bed, still a bit wet from the shower. Naked, vulnerable.

I’m standing tall in front of you. Long slim legs dressed in black nylon hold-ups, shiny sky-high heels. Exquisite black lace lingerie adorning my pale feminine curves. Hints of my nipples through the lace. Dark eyes, red lips. A tease of my bush peeking out between my legs through the lace.

You’re trembling with anticipation.

I walk up to you, slowly, confidently. You’re below me. You’re horny but also nervous.

I bend down to look you in the eyes. I don’t say anything. You don’t know what I’ll do with you.

I straddle you and you’re in my power. I grab hold of your hair. Pull your lips to meet mine. I kiss you, slowly, deeply. Bite your lip. I pull you away, put your face in my armpit. Feminine scents filling up your nose. You’re already drunk from the experience, the smell is heavenly. You want more. I tell you to lick, and you obey, hungrily.

I ask if you’re thinking about my hairy pussy. You say ”yes I want to taste you so bad”. I tell you ”not yet, you have to earn it”. You nod, you’ll do whatever I want.

I rub my perky full breasts, my hard nipples in your mouth. I tell you to show me how you devour my body. You let my breast fill up your mouth, your tongue tracing my nipple.

I let you spend some time eating my breasts, I start to moan. I rub my pussy against your naked cock. You’re rock hard now. My nails digging into your back as you continue licking my nipples. You can feel my pussy is warm.

I push you down on your back. Hold your hands down above your head, kissing you passionately. I breathe into your ear.

I whisper ”I’m so wet, you need to clean me up”.

I sit on your face, let you feel the scent of my pussy through the lace. You can feel how wet my pussy is. My panties are soaked through. I rub it into your face. I let you breathe for a second and ask if you’re turned on. You whimper in response. I can see your cock is throbbing and wet from pre-cum.

I tell you ”you know you can’t touch yourself, you’re here to please me first and foremost.”

I let you breathe again. Move away from your mouth. You’re desperate, you want more. I lie down on my back, instruct you to take my panties off. Now you can see my full bush and my glistening wet pussy.

It's time. I tell you to eat me out. You dive in and get lost. The more you lick, the wetter I get. I tell you to use your fingers inside as well. Two fingers slide into my warm moist cave. You move them slowly, and continue working on my clit with your tongue. Soon, I orgasm hard. The walls of my pussy gripping your fingers, my legs locking your head in.

You have pleased your mistress


Brian Butler
Oct 17, 2020

That is so sensual I’m buzzing


Jul 27, 2019

Thank you. Big hugs and kisses from my heart to you're heart.💗💗💗💗💗💗

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