• Ylwa Bergman

Pussy Perfume: on fucking and scent

“you have to be careful not to wash it too much, or else you'll wash away the important pussy flora. And they're really important during sex for the right pussy smell and taste. They shouldn't be gotten rid of. I've been experimenting for quite a while with unwashed pussy. My goal is for it to be easily and seductively smelled through pants, even through thick jeans or ski pants. It won't exactly be known by men, but they'll experience it subliminally, because we're all really just animals looking to pair up. Preferably with people that smell like pussy.
So then you start to flirt and you have to grin the whole time because you just know that the air is filling with this deliciously sweet smell. It's exactly the effect that perfume is supposed to have. We're always told that perfume can have erotic effects on others, but why don't we use our own, more effective perfume? In reality, we all get turned on by the smell of pussy, cock and sweat. Most people are just alienated and think that everything natural reeks and everything man-made smells good. When a woman coated in perfume walks by me, it makes me want to hurl. What does she have to hide?...
I use my own pussy juice the way others use their perfume bottles. I stick a finger in my pussy and then dab the slime behind my earlobes. It works wonders when you're kissing people on the cheek.”

This is a quote from one of my favourite feminist novels, Wetlands, by Charlotte Roche. It deliciously captures my feelings about the natural scents, juices and body fluids that the pussy produces. While I do like grooming myself and enjoy getting ready for a lover, I also very much agree with Roche that my womanly scent is my best perfume.

That particular, piquant scent that comes from a pussy is just such a turn-on and I’m a strong believer in keeping it as natural as possible: natural pussy juice.

When I stopped shaving about ten years ago (you can read a little bit more about it over at Kinky London Escorts), one of the things I first noticed was how I smelt differently- especially my armpits. Armpit hair savours scents in a different way to a shaved armpit, and it took a while to get used to. The same with a bush- it makes sure the scents stay close to the body and keeps them there like little hidden pearl drops. Before I stopped shaving, I had thought less about these things, and I had probably internalised some of the misogynistic ideas about pussies being a bit unclean and dirty. When I stopped shaving, and subsequently in my life as a more natural escort, I’ve really come to appreciate and love the natural scent of my own pussy and body, and also the power of scent for the kind of wild unhinged sex I like to have. Its also absolutely intoxicating to see my lovers take in the scent of my pussy and armpits. I use my scent to slowly seduce them and get them more and more turned on as they can smell how much my body is craving them licking and fucking me.

This probably explains why I’ve never been a fan of shower sex- it is simply because it makes sex too clinical for me! The water washes away both the natural lubricants and the odours that tell my body that the other person is really fucking turned on. Now, don’t get me wrong, I am not a fan of experiencing someone’s sweat from yesterday or from rushing over to my apartment. I like us both to be freshly showered for each other, because that’s when you can really smell when someone starts getting turned on. But if you stay in the shower, then the water just keeps washing away all those magical sex scents.

I want sex that is natural, raw, sensual and wild. When you forget what you look like and you’re completely in the moment, and just experiencing each other’s bodies, wanting to take in everything. That feeling when you’re deep in licking or sucking your partner out, you’re lost in that world, and you feel like you’re just a body doing what you’re meant to do- devour another body. In this state, your senses are so incredibly heightened and the scent of the other person, the pheromones, fills you up and produces this overwhelming high. And I love that feeling afterwards, when you’re both wrapped around each other, still high on sex fumes and the scent of turned on bodies...