• Ylwa Bergman

Bury yourself in my Bush: on the erotics and femininity of natural body hair

I am one of those- quite rare nowadays- women who don’t shave their pussy. That's right, I keep my body hair in all its natural curly dark glory. That also includes my armpit hair and leg hair, which is kept just as it grows naturally.

I love it, and so do my lovers. They revel in going down on me and experiencing all the juices and scents that are buried in my hairy pussy. I enjoy feeling like my free and natural self, which makes me feel even more sexy and horny.

Sexiness comes so much from feeling at peace with your body- in whatever way you feel good. For me, all bodies are beautiful, sexy and desirable as long as you feel yourself and feel able to let go. That’s why I think it's a shame that there’s such a strong norm about shaving that a lot of women don’t feel able to choose whether or not they want to shave.

Of course, shaving is a fairly new norm for femininity. Both armpit hair and a full hairy bush used to be seen as the peak of femininity only a couple of decades ago.

Perhaps this is also why my lovers adore my hair so much. It makes them think about their first sexual experiences. Or, for some, the rarity is the excitement. While a lot of my lovers come to me especially because of my bush (and it is a pretty spectacular one!) and pit hair, some are very pleasantly surprised by how much they love it. Perhaps this shows that there is more room for diversity when it comes to sexiness than we sometimes dare to think.

There’s definitely something very exquisitely womanly about being in touch with your body, and for me that means letting my hair grow wild- just like my sexuality.