Nymphomaniac Girlfriend

You’re here because you’re searching for something. Sure, you want ravenous, mind-blowing sex, but you also want something more. You’re looking for that spark to alight your inner passion. To feel alive—perhaps young again. This is something you can only get through sex that comes from intimacy, connection and mutual attraction.


I know how to give you that. While my nymphomaniac sexuality is wild and untamed- a force of nature, some have said- it derives from a genuine curiosity to bring out your most lustful self. This is what my insatiable thirst really yearns for. There is nothing more exciting and attractive to me than to connect with someone’s inner desires and create an unforgettable moment together. Whatever that moment (or moments!) might look like. So, how do you want to alight that fire inside you?


I love sucking cock and getting dirty in doggy position as much as I enjoy softly caressing and kissing until we forget about time and space. Or why not just spend some time together, cuddling and watching some nice films or Netflix for an evening? I am educated to the highest level at a UK top university so I love talking about life’s mysteries: film, literature, philosophy and the human mind interest me endlessly! But don’t worry- my warmth accompanies my intellectual nature, so I will put you at ease straight away. I am also very experienced when it comes to threesomes and sex parties, and I would love to help you explore those more hedonistic sides of yourself.   I am also genuinely bisexual and adore inviting other women into the bedroom.


Of course, enjoying divine food and drink over fiery conversation can be as much of an aphrodisiac as a debaucherous orgy- I'd be excited to get to know you also with clothes on (although forgive me if my mind is distracted by whats to come later...)




What excites me

  • Oral sex (both giving and receiving)

  • Missionary, doggy, cowgirl

  • Caressing

  • French Kissing

  • Prostate massage

  • Light anal play (receiving)

  • Teasing

  • Threesomes and orgies with both men and women (see my Paramours list) 

  • Roleplay

  • Sex parties

  • Fine dining and enjoying a couple of drinks together

  • Visits to museums, theatre, cinema

  • Intimate time together, such as enjoying films or series

  • Perhaps you want a kinky mix of GFE and BDSM? Start planning the perfect experience today