The Swedish Sin 

My reputation precedes me

You’ve heard about the Swedish sin: a naturally beautiful woman with a genuine appetite for sex, and a habit of luring men to join her in sin


I live and transcend this myth


Growing up in Sweden, nudity and my innate sexuality were encouraged from an early age. So of course, I love being dressed in nothing but my very natural femininity: my blonde hair accompanying perfectly shaped curves and a luscious full 70s bush, complete with armpit hair. My sexuality is that of a true nymphomaniac: a woman whose sexual desires surpasses society’s expectations


My yearning for exploration and debauchery far exceeded what Sweden could offer me, so I escaped to the beating pulse of London to fulfill my kinkier and dirtier fantasies with lovers from all over the world.




I live for pushing the bounds of eroticism and sexual morality. Sex for me is a force, an energy, and a desire. It’s about arousing connection, intimacy and delving into your true self. Sex is not just physical- it’s an adventure of the mind. My high-level academic pursuits mean I also have a deep psychological and philosophical fascination with how sex transforms our inner being. It is an on-going journey of self-discovery and devotion; my lust for this is insatiable


You have found me, so I sense that you are the same. You’re longing to explore those innate urges of yours, whatever direction they may take you. So, give yourself over, allow my untamed sexual nature to unlock yours. We will carve out moments to remember, forever.


Each meeting will be uniquely forged out of our individual dynamic and chemistry- I’m excited to see what side of me you will bring out. I am creative and so is my sexual imagination- explore the various parts of my world


Are you ready to commit sins with me?

Ylwa xx

London // Worldwide