Ethics and Etiquette

The most important thing for an unforgettable encounter is chemistry and attraction. For me, these things depend to a large extent on good communication and mutual respect. Nothing is sexier than to really see each other. Therefore, I have put out some pointers here to what makes me feel respected, and how we can make sure our rendezvous is as sexy and magical as possible.


Please keep communication brief, to the point, and avoid too much back and forth. The bookings section states what information I need from you so if you follow that at the first point of contact then we will be able to meet in the flesh soon. I am rather busy, with many other  on-going projects, so please show respect for my time and let us get to the fun sooner rather than later. I generally do not check emails on Saturdays and Sundays, and the rest of the time I endeavour to get back to you within 24h.

Email vs phone:

I prefer e-mail communication, and mostly just use my phone to have an initial phone call to establish chemistry between us. This phone call will be between 5-10 minutes long. Sometimes I message you (only if we have established this is ok for you) to communicate some details for our meeting, but apart from that I don’t have time to message in-between meetings. I really do prefer communicating when our bodies are in the same room, it makes things a lot sexier.


By all means, do ask me about anything I don't mention on my site and that you would like us to do. But please don’t try to negotiate any of my boundaries. I state them clearly here so that we can focus on doing the things we both enjoy and connect in a consensual and erotic manner.


Safe sex: 

We will use condoms for all penetrative sex. I do OWO (but not CIM) at my discretion. I also use gloves/condoms for anal play and on toys. 


I will look my best for all my lovers, and obviously expect the same back, so all my clients will have a shower at the start of the booking


Rates and availability (in a Covid-19 world) 

The world has drastically changed. The most treasured ways of connecting with others- the intimacy of naked bodies wrapped around each other or just an innocent clothed hug- now carry a different level risk. Stakes are higher, and if you're anything like me then now is the time you need this type of connection the most.


Lockdown for me has meant a lot of time by the sea and getting deep into my writing. It's been nurturing for sure, but now I'm dying to get back to my debauched ways. 


After following recent COVID-19 updates, I am delighted to say that I will now be able to start seeing clients again. However, I obviously take the health of you, me and our loved ones very seriously, and will therefore only see a very limited number of lovers (around 2 a month).


For this reason, I will prioritise longer bookings at bespoke rates, which will allow us to enjoy each other's company in a safe and guilt-free way. I can't wait to plan some devious fun, so drop me a line and we can make it happen. 

I will also start offering ways of connecting digitally- customised videos, sexting sessions, video calls and audio calls. Get in touch and we can get to know each other. 


I am mostly based in London, but I sometimes travel.

In London I do incalls from my stylish apartment. Outcalls to your home are at my discretion, usually I only do this after we have already met. I happily come to your hotel.

I sometimes do tours to other parts of the UK, and am also available for Fly Me to You, at bespoke rates and arrangements.


Now that you know most of the essentials about me, please tell me about you!


What is your sin?

Thanks! Message sent.

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